Blockchain, Ethereum

Teleticketing on a Blockchain

Using the power of blockchain technology to improve the teleticketing service.

Client Brief:

The current teleticketing services face a lot of issues from fraud to emerging black markets.


By powering the service with blockchain technology, these issues are solved. Proof, trust and traceability of tickets are now assured.


The result was a web application where organizers could create events and track tickets bought by users.


Tracking tickets with Blockchain

Proof, trust and traceability.

Teleticketing services face many problems nowadays. From emerging black markets where tickets are sold the night before a concert, to fraud. Blockchain technology offers a solution for these problems. Proof, trust and traceability of tickets are assured due to the distributed ledger technology.

The architecture consisted of an Ethereum Blockchain layer, NodeJS API and AngularJS front-end. This allowed organizers to easily create events and track tickets while visitors could buy tickets without knowing anything about the blockchain underneath.

Whenever a ticket was sold, it was possible to trace the entire chain of where the ticket has been. Black markets are eliminated because the organizer could provide a maximum resell price.

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