Ionic, NodeJS, mobile, Android, iOS

Divide and conquer

Splitting bills with friends and colleagues made easy.

Client Brief:

Make it dead simple to create, manage and keep track of splitted bills on the go.


Smart debt simplification and bill scanner in a mobile app.


An application that handles QR payments, divides and calculates debt amoung a group


Hybrid approach

The good, the bad and the (not so) ugly

As the name suggests, a hybrid application is asort of a cross between a native mobile application and a web application. It is built using web technology but contains some native mobile programming “punch-outs” so it can take advantage of a mobile device’s functionality. A hybrid app can be developed much more quickly than a native mobile application while allowing users to switch between platforms which is a major upside. However, a hybrid app has an important disadvantage: the app itself still runs on a browser and thus can only run as fast as the internet connection will allow.
Ionic 2 is based on Angular2, which has only just been released, with ahead-of-time compilation and built-in lazy loading they now claim to be the fastest of the bunch. While we can't vouch for that, the development process and overall experience of the SDK was very smooth.

The enthusiasm, sense of innovation and technical knowledge of the Craftworkz team has brought the concept to a higher level.
— Anne Smits, Managing Partner - Monkeyshot
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