AI, natural language processing, chatbots


Shopping for groceries in the most natural way possible

Client Brief:

How to make online shopping for groceries more elegant, more personal and more natural?


A virtual personal assistant, wrapped in a chatbot with a natural flow of conversation


Two basic interfaces to talk with the chatbot (mobile, web). It's able to be voice controlled for a more natural experience


A small description

"I would like to eat some dinner"

What if we could chat with a computer system, behaving like a human being, that suggests recipes after a natural conversation? It could completely destroy your current grocery shopping habits. In theory, your groceries should be waiting for you at the store when you arrive 30 minutes later. Wouldn't that be awesome? Our chatbot prototype is the beginning of this new way of shopping. The chatbot gives you the opportunity to tell him what you prefer, but it also asks specific questions. In the backend it filters through all the available recipes, until one is chosen. It integrates with the system of a big Belgian supermarket chain. Whether you want dinner, lunch, breakfast, dessert, a quick meal, a fancy meal, a summery meal, something with fish, something with steak… you can ask for it and the bot will respond and recommend your perfect recipe.


Example conversation

See it in action

Hi there! How can I help you?

Hi! My name is Michael.
I would like to cook a meal tonight.

only dinner recipes are left

Okay, I'll take that into account.
Do you want a more challenging meal,
that takes a little longer to prepare?

Sure, I like cooking!

only meals with a preparation time of >30 minutes

How about the cost? You want something cheap?

No, it does not need to be too cheap.
I actually have some friends coming over
and they are rather fancy.

only fancy or expensive meals are left

Okay, anything else?

Yes, one of my friends likes tomatoes,
do you have anything with tomatoes?

only meals with tomatoes are left

I have the following recipes for you:
- Roast beef Basque style
- Jambalaya with chicken and chipolata
- Oven-baked chicken legs with oregano and Caesar salad

Craftworkz takes you to the future, not only by what they do, but also because of their way of working. They are fast, they know their game, they think, and they are agile. With a few words, they create working prototypes. This team makes a difference in a world where User Experience and Service Innovation are paramount.
— Geert Tewissen, Service Designer - Boondoggle
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