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Humanoid Conversations

When chatbots meet robotics, the sky is the limit.

Client Brief:

Robots have come a long way. What if we combine the power of our chatbots with robotics?


A chatbot engine running entirely in the cloud gives the Pepper robot the ability to analyze and adapt conversations based on emotions.


A Pepper robot that is able to interact with customers in a much more natural and advanced way.


Chatbots meet robotics

Combing the power of our chatbots with humanoid robots.

The Pepper robot is one of the most advanced humanoid robots out there. It allows developers to easily build scenarios where they can interact with customers. However, the capabilities are limited. We built a chatbot engine for the robot running entirely in the cloud. This gives us limitless possibilities of what the robot could do. The result was a robot that is able to interact with customers in a store while doing complex analysis in the cloud. This way we could extract a lot of useful information out of the customers while still being a very entertaining robot for them.


Emotion analysis

Analyzing emotions throughout the conversation

The robot did an emotion analysis while talking to the customers. This is why the robot performed adaptable conversations based on the extracted emotions, gender, age... Everything the robot learned during a conversation, he would send back to the cloud to extend known customer information.

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