Soft- & hardware prototyping powered by artificial intelligence.


What we craft

Artificial Intelligence

No, we’re not going to build an army of robots, with an individual IQ of Einstein, Newton and Tesla combined, that takes over the world and destroys all humanity as we know it to make room for artificially programmed intelligent beings. Artificial intelligence is not so science fiction and it is actually quite closer and more present in everyone’s daily life than you might think. There are a lot of applications imaginable where a computer program can learn, discover, see, hear, understand, interpret… You imagine it, we build it!

Internet of Things

Again another trendy, hippy dippy term in computer science, but what does Internet of Things really mean? Imagine a world where everything is connected to the Internet, not only your computer, phone and tablet, but also your shoes, your coffee maker, your fridge, your car… Sounds a little farfetched, don’t you think? Or does it? Think about your watch connected to the internet, or maybe your tv? Sounds a little more familiar, doesn’t it? Imagine all the data these devices and their sensors could generate and send to the cloud each minute, second, millisecond… Wouldn’t there be some very useful information in it, that could be used in great applications?

Mobile App Development

Everybody - YES, EVERYBODY - uses mobile apps, so this part does not need a lot of explanation. It goes without saying that we have specialists in mobile app development. We build both hybrid apps (Ionic) and native apps (iOS, Android and Windows Phone), depending on your project, and we focus on design, usability and user experience.

Web Development

Web development is more than just building a fancy website (although we’re actually pretty good at that part as well, don’t you think?). It’s also about integrating a website in an application, whether it is an existing application or a completely new one, whether it comes with an complementary mobile application or not… We use the newest HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript technologies to build the best websites and we focus on design, usability and responsiveness.

Cloud Development

The cloud is that thing that makes an awfully depressing November Tuesday even worse when it brakes open and makes you soaked to the bone. Also, it is a fancy term for a “program on the internet”. This may seem like the more boring, tech savvy part, although it is more often than not the backbone for a project. The cloud is what IoT-devices connect to, where artificial intelligent algorithms are deployed, what powers the backend for mobile applications… For cloud development, we use platforms like IBM Bluemix, Amazon AWS or Google Cloud and we focus on performance and scalability.

Hardware Prototyping

For projects that involve hardware, we build basic proof-of-concept hardware. This can be a prototype on a breadboard, which is powered by a microcontroller and has all the needed sensors on board. But it can also be a more realistic 3D printed prototype with a custom-made PCB.

How We Craft

Going from an idea or to a first prototype takes some steps. First, you'll want to do some market research and write a first business model. You can do this yourself or outsource it to another company. After this, you'll start iterating over your prototypes and that's where Craftworkz kicks in!


We aim for a good understanding of the needs and desires of our customers. You are only limited by your own imagination!


For each prototype, we will engage in the finest research and investigate the possibilities of the newest technologies.


We master the finest technologies to fit your needs. Mobile, web, cloud… We can also provide a quick proof-of-concept for a hardware product that works seamlessly with the provided software.


Together with the customer, we test the prototype in every different scenario and adjust accordingly.


Our approach gives us the opportunity to rethink and improve our design at each iteration, after which we can customize and restart the development cycle all over again…

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Our Craftz

Elly Watch

Elly Watch is a next-generation senior watch. It is a hardware prototype in the IoT-category that comes with a mobile application for caregivers, with a powerful backend in the cloud that is driven by AI. Elly Watch is ongoing research where we’re experimenting with the newest technologies like LoRa and focussing heavily on AI-driven fall detection.
Elly Prototype

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